COVID Resources

Special Olympics Alabama is considered "SIGNIFICANT RISK"

Local in-person activities are permitted with the following guidelines in place.

Return to Activities Policy

The following guidelines must be followed by all participants for all Local/Area events:


Event Size and Venue Type:

        Outdoor event: Size per local authority regulations.

         Indoor or indoor-outdoor event: ≤ 50 participants.

ALL athletes, Unified partners, coaches and volunteers must submit a Communicable Disease Waiver to their respective Program prior to returning to in-person activities.

Onsite Screening: Must have written confirmation of no symptoms for ALL participants and recommended onsite daily temperature checks. Must have signage on preventative measures and reminder to stay home if sick or any symptoms.


Masks: Required for ALL participants, except during rigorous exercise.


Distancing: Distancing required at all times. 


Travel: Not permitted outside local area, state, province/territory.


Accommodations:  Overnight events with accommodations organized by Special Olympics not permitted.

Types of Activity: Individual sports and indirect contact sports only for competition play; No competitive play for contact sports - drills only; For non-sport, distancing and no direct contact.

Hand sanitizer must be made available and easily accessible for participants. 

All shared equipment must be cleaned with sanitizing wipes between each use.

Spectators: Not permitted, unless support from caregiver is needed.

Meals: Participants bring their own meals and water bottles and/or pick-up only. Stagger mealtimes and cohort groups. 

Non-Sport Gatherings: No large social gatherings.

Ceremonies: No in-person opening/closing ceremonies. Find alternatives to placing awards on athletes to maintain distancing. 

Multi-Day Events Testing Protocol: Multi-day/overnight events not permitted. 

For more information on Return to Activites Protocol please see the links below.